Name: Traci Lister
Phone: 406-600-0740
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Hello Beautiful Beings!

Everyone has their story. I have mine too. My story consisted of a lot of trauma and drama (I loved it, even when I said I hated it!) I was also great at solving problems.. hmmm, if you're great at it you get to keep creating problems to solve! What fun! The more problems I had to solve the more trauma and drama I could have! Yea me!! It definitely kept me occupied and twisted up and angry! I would say if people would just do what they are supposed to be doing I wouldn't have to feel this way! Yeah right!

The greatest gift I've gotten so far is the awareness that I was creating all the trauma and drama and I have a choice to create something different! Now I choose to occupy my time having fun instead of solving problems! Wow!

Is my life perfect now? No, and I create trauma and drama sometimes just to know I can still do it.The difference now is I can choose to be in the trauma and drama in this 10 seconds and the next 10 seconds I can choose to do something different. I'm not stuck there anymore! How do I do it? I ask questions! I usually end up laughing at myself for being so brilliant at creating the problem in the first place!

I am so thankful to Access for giving me all the wonderful tools to choose.The more questions I ask the more awareness I get and the easier my life is getting! How does it get any better than that?

Do you desire something different?

Do you desire more awareness?

What would it take to unlock the greatness of you? Would you choose it?

What change are you ready for?

What else is possible?

Is now the time?

If you're ready for an Access Bars class and don't see one listed contact me. I would love to create one for you!

I look forward to meeting you!


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