Name: Shauna Teaken
Phone: 0421 858 176
Address: Hamilton, Brisbane
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I’m Shauna Teaken – welcome to my Island!

Here you’re invited to explore the possibilities that bodies don’t have to age, that life can be fun, that magic is real, that connection with the sea, nature and other realms is natural – and that being ‘successful’ includes all of that and more!

What if you could easily step into the happy, relaxed space of an island escape holiday at any time? Where not only your body feels good, but you have a clarity and perspective about your life? Where maybe you have had time to re-assess your priorities, let go of the past and move on in a new phase of your life?

Here at Shauna’s Island, you’ll find all you need to allow you to step into ‘Island Time’ – that  carefree, cruisy way of being which allows you and your lovely body to relax & rejuvenate, and your finances, relationships and career to blossom.

What does an enjoyable life mean to you? Travel? Health? Fun? Contribution to the earth? Communication with animals? Wealth?

Over the past 36 years of working with literally thousands of people seeking to change their bodies, relationships and money flows, while honouring their care for others and the planet, I’ve discovered a thing or two.
Firstly – how easy it can be – if you can relax and let go, like floating in warm tropical sea on a balmy, blissful day – anything is possible!

Next, if you can get clarity on what you are really great at and what you’d enjoy being and doing, then what you’d really like as your life can start to show up – FAST.

So, we have workshops, both on line and live, classes, tele calls, private sessions and coaching, body work – all kinds of things. We even have Island Retreats along the beautiful east coast of Queensland, Australia. Something about the air here creates more possibilities in people’s lives!



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How Shauna works
“My approach to transforming energy is to work with humour and ease. It’s absolutely unnecessary to re-experience, relive or even clearly recall past trauma to be free of it. My motto is – if it’s not fun – why do it?”

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I am now a Certified Facilitator and run Foundation & Level One classes in addition to Body Process classes!
In December this year (2014) I will be co-facilitating my first Three Day Body Class with Susan Lazar Hart, in Noosa, Qld.


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