Name: Trudi Sigfusson
Phone: 780-512-9069
Address: 199-25015 Twp Rd 544a
Sturgeon County
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My name is Trudi Sigfusson and I can best be summed up as a "little fire-cracker" of energy that loves to inspire and instigate the possibilities of change.

My journey of transformation began about 25 years ago, when I was introduced to the art of Homeopathy. The healing results, along with the science of the remedies spurred my curiosities!

Not long after, my son experienced breaking his ankle and needing surgery, which included a plate and screws! While in the recovery room, I sat at the end of his bed and placed my hands near his ankle, with the intention of creating change and healing. The energy emitting from my hands woke him up with his eyes wide open blurting, "Mom, what are you doing?" I asked him if it hurt and to his surprise he said, "No, but I can feel stuff inside my ankle!"

We went home and continued with this new found energy treatment for the next 2 weeks. At his 2 week check-up the x-rays didn't show any fracture and the surgeon was astonished! It was then I knew I had the capacity to heal!

Hungry to discover more I enrolled in Reiki, completed my Masters and began to play and explore with Crystal and Angel Healing, Sacred Geometry, the "quantum fields" of Matrix Energetics and the "sacred space" of the Akashic Records.

Last year, I was introduced to Access Consciousness and the Bars. I was acutely aware of its energy upon checking it out and thought "what more could be possible to contribute to myself, my family and clients?"

After my first Bars Class I was astonished at how much ease I had within my body. With the space and energy the Bars created, the other modalities and teachings have exponentialized beyond anything I could have imagined possible. Access is quick, fast and it's change!

Through the use of the tools of Access, coupled with the other healing modalities-my sessions are unique in ways many have not seen before.

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