Name: Rosslyn Davidson
Phone: 0407 60 44 37
Address: 3 Monash Drive, Benalla, Victoria, Australia 3672
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I am so excited to have found Access Consciousness. The practical tools they provide, have given me more of me and more freedom to choose what I would like to create in my life. When I first had my bars run I was amazed by how light, happy and relaxed my body felt and a sense of space and clarity. Over the next couple of weeks I experienced subtle changes in how I handled situations and in particular how naturally I asserted myself with total ease. I can remember thinking “Did I really say that?” The Bars is truly an amazing and dynamic tool for creating change and something different. I feel honoured to be a Bars Facilitator and share this wonderful tool with others. I love that by doing this we can contribute to raising consciousness on the planet and work towards creating a sustainable future for this beautiful Earth of ours. As we say in Access “What else is possible?”

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