Name: Lisa Murray
Phone: +61 404 063 513 or skype: lj.murray
Sunshine Coast | Brisbane | & Beyond!
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Access Consciousness Bars with Lisa Murray

7 years ago I had severe burnout (the "I can't sit-up, talk or eat chocolate" kind). After a year of expensive treatments with other modalities, with very limited success, I discovered Access BARS. Running Bars every week changed everything for me! I wonder what it could do for you?

What would it be like to be truly happy? Would you like to receive more joy and abundance in your universe? When you are totally willing to receive you will have the life you truly desire!

What would it take to release all of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that generate stress, tiredness, depression and overwhelm, not to mention the physical dis-ease? Imagine if you could alter the computer bank of your reality to change this and so much more - with ease!

Every thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place has solidified and limited your capacity to be generative and creative. Would you like something different to show up in your life with ease? The starting point is to undo the energetic brick wall you have developed -don't panic- with Bars it's easy and painless!!

Gifting or receiving Bars - a gentle, nurturing body process from Access Consciousness where 32 points on your head are energetically activated “will allow you to enjoy a profoundly different life" if you choose!

What would it take for you to discover and share this joyful, relaxing experience for yourself? Once you learn Bars, you can swap with others at little or no cost.

A Bars session is blissful beyond your imagination and perfect for getting past busy brain, overwhelm, tiredness and stress!

Bars is the first class in the Access Core Classes - join me for 5 Days of Choice - which includes Bars, Foundation & Level 1.

Access Consciousness Bars with Lisa Murray

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