Name: Tracy Blehm
Phone: 403-452-2445
Address: 6436 1A Street SW
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Like most alternative healers out there, I have 27 different certifications. However I collected those like some people collect shoes, or cars as my attempt to find something that worked, that was easy, and could be utilized in a wide variety of scenarios.

My life had hit a wall when it came to growing my healing center. I had at the time brought my company to a point where you could set your watch by how consistent the abundance was flowing. It never seemed to move past that point and that point was way to small for the life I desired to live.

Then Access Bars came into my reality. I observed it in the community for a couple of years as with any industry - healing too has its fads that come and go. Then it came into my awareness that it was time to train and see what it really was about as the changes the clients were experiencing were noticeable at a faster rate than what my current training was accomplishing.

That is when profound change in my world hit like a tsunami and with such ease that some mornings I had to pinch myself to make sure I was still in a wakened state.

Adding the Access Body Processes in has made an additional quantum jump in my growth, awareness and possibilities that I could have never imagined possible.

I am so grateful for Gary, Dain, Glenyce, Kass and other instructors out there that are inspiring others, sharing their gifts and knowledge so that we all benefit. My vision is to create the same in those that I am grateful to share and teach as well.

How does it get any better than that?

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