Name: Margaret Braunack
Phone: Aus 0418 877 946
Australia & Global
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The BARS are a hands on the head process that can facilitate amazing change. The 32 BARS, gently touched dissipate the electricial charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, beliefs and judgements to allow change and possibility to occur. After a BARS session your body will have a sense of total relaxation and many notice their lives becoming easier.
Attending Access Bars Gifting & Receiving sessions is the first step to you having the willingness to receive in your life.
If you have not learned the Bars, you may attend and pay for the “receiving” fee only.

All welcome, please check dates and times or call Margaret on 0418 877 946

I have been teaching BARS Classes in a Brisbane Prison for over 12 months. The changes that have occurred have been phenomenal. This programme has been affectionately named "BARS behind bars".
Please ask what else is possible for you and your life?

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 2/Apr/2017 BRISBANE, QLD Margaret Braunack
Access Bars® 8/Apr/2017 On the Beach 8 Day Retreat! ROCKHAMPTON/EMU PARK, QLD Margaret Braunack