Name: Robyn Singh
Phone: 0424 260 192
Australia and Worldwide
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Aloha and Welcome,

I was introduced to Access Consciousness while living in Hawaii. I heard about the Access Bars and had experienced a taster which felt phenomenal! Then maybe a year or so later, I had the awareness to get my bars run. I was meditating a lot at that time so it was quite a clear message. I went to the website, scanned through the facilitators in that area and made an appointment that day. After my first bars treatment I was blown away. Wow… so much space, no monkey mind chatter, my body so relaxed it was like a big aaaaaahhhh….relief laughter and joy all at the same time.
It was a year or so later, I came across Access Consciousness ® in Australia. After the second session I knew that it would be something that would be incorporated into my life and living. Now I get to gift and receive bars with my friends and family as well as teach people how to do it.

A couple of Testimonials…

Dear Robyn,

Thank you so much for the Lomi Lomi massage and Access Bars treatment last week (Tues 10/9/15) I wasn't sure how the Bars treatment would work but I was inexplicably blown away by it.
I said I'd provide a testimonial so here it is. You really have an extraordinary and wonderful energy. Thank you, Fiona

(I wasn’t sure what to expect when I randomly selected the Access Bars Treatment with Robyn Singh. Robyn’s touch on the Bar points was so light that I initially wondered if there would be any impact at all. What I experienced was a very rapid descent into deep relaxation. I felt as if I were falling through layers and layers of experience and memories but there was no difficulty or fear, it felt effortless. The treatment is hard to describe, it only lasted 30 minutes but it felt like it could have been hours and I left with a deep sense of serenity.)

How does it get better than that?

If you would like to learn this relaxing and amazing energy technique in a one day class, please get in touch. What are the infinite possibilities for you incorporating this into your life and living?


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