Name: Dr. Pamela Gerloff
Phone: 815-354-6260
Address: 1316 N. Madison Street
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What if....there is nothing to say,
only something to perceive?

For me, there is nothing like a Bars class.
Except maybe a Bars session...and, of course, there are Bars swaps, Bars exchanges, Bars parties... :)

I've done quite a bit of Access, as well as numerous other energy modalities and transformational systems, but I love Bars best of all.

If it feels light to you, I invite you to play.

I'll go anywhere for Bars

AND I totally love my awesome office space in Woodstock, Illinois--where the Groundhog Day movie was filmed--where I offer Bars sessions and classes
and more.

What would be fun for you?
for you and your family?
you and your friends?

Shall we play Bars together?

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