Name: Morag Paterson
Phone: 07803046653
Address: Riverside Cottage 47 Harbour Street Fishertown
Scotland, UK
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"Being all I am so that you can be you for us all to be all that we are ... as infinite beings".

Being constantly in the question - What else is possible? What energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow the universe and quantum entanglements to support me in any way they can with total ease? What am I refusing to receive that if I were willing to receive it would change all realities? How does it get any better than this? - is transformative!

And all of this! It's fun, it's light, it integrates and releases ... how does it get any better, indeed?

I've come to Access Consciousness with years of experience in energy psychology, and other healing modalities - it takes as long as it takes, and O! it's all so interesting!

So if you feel 'light' about contacting me, then please do. Currently giving Bars sessions and as facilitator run regular Bars Classes - contact me for details or see below ... What is possible now, I ask myself?

The Bars Class is held at my home, in a sweet ex-fisherman's cottage on the riverside by the sea in Nairn - how does it get any better than that?

Saturday 6 June, Bars Class, Nairn, Highland, UK
Saturday 4 July, Bars Class, Nairn, Highland, UK

And open to hold classes wherever you are....

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