Name: Anjali Chawla
Phone: 09810974327
Address: Dharam appartments, Sector-18, House no. B-1002, Dwarka.
New Delhi
New Delhi
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ALL OF LIFE COMES TO ME WITH EASE & JOY & GLORY, mantra of Access that works like magic. Access has been a magical and miraculous experience for me. I have been an astrologer, Reiki master, clinical hypnotherapist, Angels healing practitioner, everything under the sun but I was still looking for something that would be easy, simple yet magical. Access provides pragmatic tools to play with and create a life of your choice with total ease.

When I started using these simple tools and just being playful with energies, I massively changed my finances, health, relationships and many other areas of my life. I started with Access Bars and became the facilitator for that and saw major changes in other people's lives. I got more inquisitive and started facilitating body processes. I had never known about my healing capacities with bodies. How does it get any better than that? Then I went ahead for Certified facilitators and started facilitating Foundation classes. That in itself is an amazing experience to see people change massively just in four days.

Now I facilitate Access Bars, Foundation, body processes & Being you adventures. I am so Grateful for the founder of Access, Gary Douglas and Dr.Dain Heer to have given us these tools to create our desirable lives. They both are Miraculous Beings that creates a space of more choices and possibilities for all of us.

I would like to invite you all who are reading this to come and play with me and let's create a different reality for ourselves and our planet. What else is possible?

Let's create Magic!

Anjali Chawla
Access Certified Facilitator
Access Body Process Facilitator
Being You Certified Facilitator

What if your CHOICES are going to create a different World?!

What if we together can create a different World?!

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