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Name: Julie Smith
Phone: 0419 583 660
Address: Wallumbilla (Roma)
Wallumbilla (Roma)
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Julie Smith, with severe chemical sensitivity, wearing a gas maskMy name is Julie Smith and I have an incredible story to share with you. For 29 years, my health had been a rollercoaster ride and had progressively deteriorated to the point where I was physically incapacitated. My doctor said that I was suffering from the worst case of multiple chemical sensitivity she had ever seen.

How much FUN could YOU have meeting Julie and learning tools and processes such as how to "ask your body" all sorts of things.....how could YOU use that to your advantage???? Julie has used the tools to WIN many $1000s of prizes and have oodles more FUN. What else could YOU add to your life with tools empowering YOU?

Client cleared 86 years of itchy skin issues (eczema and dermatitis) after a one hour session with Julie.

Client went from suicidal and severely depressed for 12 years (unable to socialise or work consistently) to now successfully managing permanent work, even acting as manager, after a 2 hour session with Julie "saved her life" per Linda.

Client said "oh my goodness I will have to cancel my $4000 knee recontruction as I can walk easily and don't need it any more" after a one hour session with Julie.

What could a "Bars" and/or Access Bodywork session change for YOU? How much change are YOu willing to have?

Please SMS or ring 0419 583 660 with any QUESTIONS.

In a short period of time, I experienced a miraculous change. My new life is more vibrant, exciting, healthy and joyful than ever before. I am free to travel, eat whatever I choose and be open to infinite possibilities ... gas-mask free.

Interested in exploring Access the Bars/Bodywork processes?

Please contact me on 0419 583 660. I am willing to travel anywhere, distance is not a problem!

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