Name: Jennifer Locke
Phone: 541-206-0738
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Do you remember when you were a child? way back when :)
Do you remember a time when life was a joyful experience?
When happiness just was?
When waking up in the morning was exciting? When you could hardly wait to get up and go play?

What if everyday could be like that now?
It Can. I Know it Can. I'm Living It. So Can You!

I didn't always live it. Somewhere along the way I forgot, but I always knew there had to be something more, something different. Always seeking. Then in 2013 I was introduced to Access Consciousness. Not quite a year later in 2014 I took my first Access Bars class. Things began to change. In 2015 I made the choice to become an Access Bars Facilitator. My life has been more of an expansive joyful adventure ever since.

If you could create your life in any way you desired, what would that be? And what if it shows up in a way you never even thought of? Just so you know, it usually does :) and it's usually way better!
Access Bars restores you to the awareness of greater possibilities and more choices for you and the creation of your life.
What if you actually have ALL the answers to you and your life? And what if accessing them is as easy as having your Bars run?

One of my joys is in co-creating with you to assist you in having more and expanding your creative
flow of ideas to create more joy, more ease, more money, more fun, more happiness, more of the
Exuberance of living. Assisting you in having more of you, being more of beautiful, glorious you.
Of having more ease and joy in your life.

How can I contribute to you today to assist you in creating the life, the living you desire right away?

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