Name: Sue Stringer
Phone: 0429 958 058
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After many years on the journey of self discovery, I found Access Consciousness. I am so grateful for the tools and since using them and having my Bars® run regularly, my awareness has increased and I am experiencing much more ease and joy in all areas of my life.

Some of the greatest awareness for me in coming to Access is discovering that 99% of all the discomfort in my body, the anger, the sadness and the depression wasn’t even mine.

I live and have lived on a 500 acre property in Central Queensland, Australia for the past 15 years and since using the Access Tools I have been able to reawaken my awareness and restore my connection to the Earth.
I regularly host classes & Bars® swaps at home so that others can share in this beautiful energy and communion with the earth.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could change the stuff in your life that isn't working?

Have you ever dreamed of a life that is totally different to the one than you are currently living yet you just don't know how to get there?

What would it take for you to change your life?

Would learning more about what Access Consciousness® has to offer be a gift to you, your family and friends and to the planet?

Would learning Access Bars® be the contribution to your life that you are looking for?

What else is possible that you may not even have considered before?

What would you and your body desire?

* Having your Bars® Run
* Receiving an Energetic Facelift™
* Taking a Bars® Class
* Having a Body Process Run
* Taking a Body Process Class

Is it time for you?

I am willing to travel to your town, with negotiation, to either teach Access Bars® Class, Body Process Class and/or offer Personal Access Bars/Body Process sessions..

To book a Bars session or join a class, or for further information you can contact me on
0429 958058

I am so grateful to Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer for the tools of Access Consciousness®.
What else is possible?
Sue xx

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