Name: Annemarie Marti
Phone: 773-551-4506
Address: P.O. Box 27
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Annemarie’s Bars (+Shiatsu) Sessions

A Bars session with Annemarie is a unique and centering experience. If you are looking to reconnect with your sense of who you truly BE, are moving through a ‘rough patch’, are feeling stuck or would like to take that next step into expanding your presence in your world, a session with Annemarie could be pivotal and meaningful. With twenty-five years as a Shiatsu* Practitioner, Annemarie brings to Bars sessions a sensitivity to working with Body energies as well as the ability to bring words and poetic images to help clear or guide dynamics she senses moving (or not moving) in her clients’ lives, Bodies and Beings. Annemarie is available for Bars sessions or sessions where she blends Bars with Shiatsu—a truly special kind of work.

In addition to Shiatsu + Bars, Annemarie has also discovered—or created!—herself as a spiritual cartoonist. Her cartoon world revolves around a character named ‘Mighty Mirth’ whose mission is to bring more smiles to Planet Earth. Mighty Mirth’s message is whimsical and playful and can be found at In addition, to encouraging a sense of play and love in our days, Mighty Mirth is all about the journey of discovering who we are and has many cheerful cartoons to help in this endeavor.

Discovering Access Consciousness

In the fall of 2014, two seemingly unremarkable Bars sessions initiated reality shifting changes in Annemarie’s life. The first clue that something different was happening was when she experienced herself, a longtime vegan feeling herself in love with her vegetables. Sharing this story with others caused laughter, which fit with Mighty Mirth’s mission to bring more mirth to Earth. This experience led to exploring the topic of money in Access youtubes which resulted in much laughter at the next Bars session on the normally stressy sticky messy topic of making money (thank you, Blossom Benedict for the video and Emily Evans Russell for the insights and laughter!). Laughing about money??! Annemarie knew she had stumbled upon something special and signed up for a full day Bars class which happily has contributed immeasurably to her work and led to more opportunities to fulfill on Mighty Mirth’s mission to bring more mirth to Earth.

Annemarie currently lives in Valparaiso, Indiana with her husband. In her free time, Annemarie enjoys working on creative projects, nature, cultural events, yoga, running, hiking, meditation, farmers markets and healthy foods, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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