Name: Margriet Emerick
Phone: 0408366010
Address: Ubud, Bali and Canberra, ACT
Indonesia and Australia
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I was so lucky to find Access Consciousness! I knew nothing about it beforehand but simply went with a friend who was doing the Bars Class in Ubud, Bali.

At first after the day long class, I felt nothing but within a few days I realised that the barriers that were holding me back from trying new adventures simply wasn't there any more.

It might be more dramatic or less for you. But the important thing is to try a Bars Session, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

These days I live part of the year in Ubud, Bali, having been in Indonesia for nearly 40 years now, and then part of the year in Canberra, Australia so you can find me in both places.

I have gone on to become a Bars Facilitator so you can ask me for a Bars Session or you may like to attend one of my Bars classes and become a Bars Practitioner. I am also an Access Consciousness Body Facilitator.

I worked as a teacher and as a counsellor (MA, Dip Counselling, Dip TEFL), until about 25 years ago when I was consecrated as a Balinese Energy Healer (Tapakan)and went on to study the practices and beliefs of Bali healers with priests and at the Hindu University in Denpasar.

I feel a lot of gratitude for those precious beings who have helped me along the way. They still support me in my willingness to help others in the same way.

Can I help you? Would you like to book a Bars Session with me?

My main motivation is to help others to feel supported, to learn to receive, to feel gratitude, and to look for the magical possibilities in this life. Could this be you?

If it is, contact me and I will offer help if you want to know more....

Would you like to

✓ Feel deep relaxation, confidence and ease.

✓ Unlock and shift whatever isnít working for you

✓ Discover what is truly possible in your life.

If you are considering a Bars Class please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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