Name: Risoun Gallagher
Phone: 970-618-6329
United States
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Hello beautiful friends!

Thank you for being you and for being here!

Despite having survived the Khmer Rouge killing fields and war-torn refugee camps, my life in America was still a daily battle. My personal combats were often more intense than dodging bullets, bombs, beatings, and starvation. These fights would often times left me attempting to end my life. No matter how many victories I won, I was still losing. Somehow, the peace, gratitude, kindness, and the joy that I knew should be possible seemed to elude me. Until I stumbled onto Access Consciousness.

Today I live in the beautiful mountains of Aspen Colorado with my wonderful husband and two beautiful teenage daughters. I now have an intimacy, ease, and allowance with my husband, children, and with myself that I had not thought was attainable. How does it get better than this?

I have found the Access tools and processes to be instrumental in changing my deep sadness and depression, symptoms with my body, business, relationships, and more. Most importantly, I now know that being me is the gift that I've been searching for. What else is possible?

I offer private and group sessions in person, on Skype, or by phone. I facilitate 'The Bars' and the 'Foundation' classes locally and world wide.

If you could have anything, what would you choose? All of life comes to us with ease, joy, and glory!

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