Name: Mariana Carrillo
Phone: (415) 815-9074
San Francisco
United States
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Have you ever felt stuck in a box called your life???

I did!!

At 26 years old, newly divorced and newly depressed my life was not what I had always dreamed it could be. Where was the phenomenal life I knew was possible? Where was the MAGIC? The MIRACLES? Oneness? Communion? JOY?

Instead, I found myself stuck in a cubicle, working a 9 to 5 in a job I didn't care for and living in a life that looked great from the outside, yet felt like a prison on the inside. I felt hopeless.

I devoured books, seminars, videos and anything else I could get my hands on so I could get back to the "me" I knew was in there somewhere.

In 2015, my world was put on fast forward to another universe when I discovered this thing called Access Bars. I had no idea what to expect yet I was willing to try it. What's the worst thing that could happen?

I had my Bars run and when I got up from the table, I felt like I'd been on vacation for 2 weeks!

"What the heck is this?!?!" I thought..."...and how can I get more of it??"

The Bars opened up a space of being and joy and lightness beyond what I ever thought was available to me. Happier than the happiest I'd even been; this joyous and light space of being allowed me to perceive possibilities I never even knew were possible for me. So I started following the lightness and using the tools of the question, light and heavy and any other Access tool I could get my hands on...

The tools of Access Consciousness have catapulted me into a new reality of miracles, magic, joy, laughter, fun, ease and peace beyond my wildest dreams. I am now living the life I always knew was possible!! How does it get better than that?

So, are you ready to take the ride of your life? To discover the beautiful you that's right there, waiting to be uncovered? Let's go!

Is now the time?

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 9/Apr/2017 San Francisco , California Sylvia Puentes, CF, RVFY  & 
Mariana Carrillo