Name: Madeline Morgan
Phone: 818-612-4929
N. Hollywood
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Madeline has been a Bars Facilitator since early 2015. It has become a vital adjunct to her already existing practice of 30+ years.

As an energy managment and stress reduction, specialist, she assists her clients in discovering their own their own natural harmonic balance in Life: Body, Mind, Spirit, as a Whole Being.

Madeline has been working with energy since she was 11 years old, when she discovered how to use what she now knows as trigger and accupressure points for her dad's migraines. They would disapate quickly, when she was able to do the points early into the migraine. Cool stuff, she thought. :-)

Energy work comes natural to her on many levels.

Modalities include: Access Bars, Access Body Processes, several styles of massage, and Spiritual Life Coaching.

By approaching stress from a multi-level perspective, it is easier to find the components that are out of harmony, causing the stress, and release them. Once opened up to clear, it is then a communion with the client that begins to empower them to come into greater harmony. Tools can be given for more self empoweremnt to stay in this harmony throughout the sessions. It is Madeline's IPOV that becoming empowered into this Greater Way of BEing is the best way of Life to allow into One's Life. This harmonic allowance opens the body, mind and spirit to respond in a much healthier way to the environment around us. It allows us to have more energy, as we release the focus on the stressors, and stay more open to Be and Receive all that Life offers. We are able to feel more empowered, confident, and have greater clarity, as we reduce our stress. Greater Health and Well Being is achieved, as all our various systems come into greater alignment.

Madeline shares her life with her feline companion, Midnight. Nearly 14, she thoroughly enjoys many purring massage sessions, and energy sessions with her. A purr is magic to Madeline, so they have a mutual acceptance of this exchange of Gratitude and Love. Madeline has worked with animals often to asist them in being in greater health, also.

May All of Life FLOW with Ease, Joy and Glory. Blessings times a Godzillion.

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