Name: Christina Divine -The Diva With a Difference!
Phone: 021 185 9505
Address: 82 Awatere Avenue. Beerescourt 3200
New Zealand
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Are you Looking for a Diva with a Difference?

Then Meet Christina Divine,

There is a childlike wonder about Christina like the character Elle from Enchanted, just popped out of a fairy tale everywhere she goes, she creates magic, she sees the beauty, the treasures in this world that others don't always see, or are too busy to notice.

She is the master magician of Diva Makeovers and Queen of actualization.

Being in her presence for just a few minutes you will witness the speed and frequency she actualizes miracles right in front of you. Being aware of what is required in an instant and offering her Alchemy to shift it all into a miracle.

She is an amazing producer of film currently working on her first Feature film, a film about being a Super Being!

Is your diva/divo looking for a makeover?

Christina will tap in and through question, personal shopping, attitude adjustment and more, offer infinite possibility to be the you that you truly BE.

BE-ing with Christina is like being with an Angel, a fairy and Walt Disney's Daughter, all in one.

You get Mary Poppins, Tinkerbell, Alice and Wonderland and even a splash of Oprah!

What JOY can Christina uncover that will assist U in embracing the real U?

What if your life could have more fun, more magic, more joy?

No Matter what has happened in your life, there is a bigger dream that is dreaming YOU, are you ready to live that DReam now? <3 <3 <3

Are YOU Ready for the MAGic, Are YOU Ready for Change? Are You Ready to Unleash the Divine Self you Truly Be?


I have seen Christina over a few months. And over that time Christina has really helped me to realise and to see things that I had no idea that was going on. After each session helping me to create change. It's true you don't know what you don't know! I have had a noticeable change in my surroundings and interaction with people in my life. Christina is a beautiful loving Lady with amazing energy and insight. I highly recommend Christina for health, healing and happiness. Stephan Klaus - Life Coach, Master NLP, Hypnotherapy and Detox Specialist.

First, Christina gave the 1 day class with passion and I enjoyed the day very much! I especially wanted to learn how to use Access Clearing Statement more effectively, and she explained clearly and practically so that I can understand and use them actually. And not only the day but even after the class, she's been teaching me how to use Bars better. Thank you so much, Christina! Takayuki Mito from Japan.

So if you're ready for truly Dynamic Change - Email her at:

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