Name: Simla Ozsezgin
Phone: 225-588-6408
Address: 5016 rapidan dr 70817
Baton rouge
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Hi Beautiful,

Access Consciousness is easiest,fastest and most effective practical tools for change whatever limits,
any area of your life...Easy to learn,fun to use!

Learning how to play with the energy and find magic in you with the tools creating success in everything
you exciting is that!

Becoming space,feeling so much more like me the greatest gift I have received from access! It's the gift
of me,so grateful about that!

The power of energy and become more conscious changed my life...Having more ease and joy brought
my world to endless possibilities...Letting go of the things that doesn't for you,allowing yourself to receive,being real you changes everything even people around you.

I choose to change,how about you beautiful being?

what else is possible for expanding consciousness on our awesome planet?

would you be willing to choose to explore how these tools can change anything that doesn't for you?

would you like to create something different with me?

what can we create and generate together?

how can I contribute to you?

you can come for private session or attend a class for just one day to be bars practitioner.

come play!

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