Name: Cassie Adams
Phone: 954-673-6206
Pompano Beach
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Hello beautiful!

Are you here because you wish to know about me and my journey with Access Consciousness? Yes? Okay here we go!

Everything and nothing has changed over night playing with Access. How is that possible? Because my world is still my world. No one saved me. Access Consciousness didn't save me. I just simply became aware of everything and everyone around me; coupled with exponentially expanded allowance for all that I was/became aware of.

I have tried many different modalities and all of them are wonderful. I choose Access Consciousness. I also choose to eat fast food and drink soda on occacion. Some of the most powerful knowings Access has brought to my awareness is that EVERYTHING is just choice and a point of view. Not a good one or a bad one, just an interesteing choice or interesting point of view. Isn't that freeing? I know!!!!

I have found that having my bars run and playing with the tools Access offers, is one of the most effortless ways of release. Just lay down, relax, and don't think... or do! There is no right or wrong way, time, space, or place to run the bars or play with the tools! Soooo... would you like to create a reality that believes in choice with me?

Do you desire more of you?

A life full of ease, joy, and glory?

Full of adventure? Full of FREEDOM??

If these are just some of the things you are desiring in your life, give me a call to start your journey today! Why wait?

Thanks for being ;)

Cassie Adams

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 2/Apr/2017 Pompano Beach, Florida Cassie Adams