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If you could change anything about your body, what would that be?

For me, it was my face.

At the very young age of 21, I had a great job, I did a little bit of modelling, I had a lovely boyfriend, then one morning I woke up to a horrific nightmare. In the mirror, I saw the most ugly, disfigured freak looking back at me. That 'ugly disfigured freak' was me.

I had just suffered a very severe case of Bells-palsy (stroke of the face).

Neurologists advised me to simply save my money for plastic surgery in five-seven years time, when no more natural healing could occur. As you could imagine, I was completely devastated and cried for days. Have you ever felt like you've lost your beauty?

Fast forward 10 years, I discovered Access Bars®. After receiving my first bars session, there were subtle, yet noticeable changes in my face. Totally weird, and unexplainable, but AWESOME!

At this point, I was only three short days away from having the recommended 'corrective plastic surgery' on my face. This involved the following;

• a weighted gold bar to be inserted into my right eyelid for it to close properly
• removal of the unaffected left side lower left lip depressor muscles for a balanced smile
• bi-monthly botox and restylene treatments
• face lift on the right side of my face.

Well, with the amazing changes from one bars session, I promptly cancelled the corrective plastic surgery to see how much more change could occur naturally in my face with The Access Bars®.
For the next year, I had my Bars ran every one-two weeks, and I attended classes with the Founders of Access Consciousness, Gary M Douglas & Dr Dain Heer.

Not only did my face improve, my life became bigger, better, and easier. I started to have a lot more fun, I laughed a lot more, and none of the everyday living upsets seemed to upset me any more.

One year later, I was a bit down and out about my face, so I returned to my Neurologist plastic surgeon to see if there was any treatments/surgery he would recommend for my face.

As soon as I walked into his office, he literally jumped out of his chair asking, "Melanie! What have you done to your face?! It's changed so much! That surgery I recommended for you last year, I wouldn't even suggest any of it now."

He then went on to measure my face again, as he did the previous year, and he was stunned. "This is unbelievable, no natural healing can take place seven years after you've been affected by Bells-palsy, and this is 10-11 years after your stroke. This has never happened before! Tell me, what have you been doing?"

This leading Neurologist in Asia-Pacific, who specialized in plastic surgery with facial paralysis, then went on to ask me lots of questions about Access Bars® and Access Consciousness.
How does it get any better than this?

Access Bars® has not only created changes in my body and my life, but also for thousands of other women, men, and children throughout the world.
Access Bars®
A simple body process that just might change YOU & the world!

In the following years, I was on the cover of 'Conscious Living' magazine in Australia, and a calendar girl! I never would have thought that was possible a year or two ago!

Access Bars® and the pragmatic Access Consciousness tools empower you to change anything that you haven't been able to change up until now. It's weird, but it works!

The Access Bars® are the very core and foundation of Access Consciousness. It can be the starting point of a great adventure and it can be something you add to your life that will assist you in creating greater ease with everything.

Access Consciousness is not about "Healing". It is about "Consciousness".
A side effect of "Consciousness" is the Body "Healing" itself but not the other way around.
"Healing" someone of their "sickness" will not make them "Conscious",
but "Healing someone of their "Unconsciousness" can allow their body to "Heal" itself.
- Gary M Douglas
Founder of Access Consciousness

You'll never know if you never go! :)

Melanie Meurant
Access Bars & Body Process Facilitator
New Zealand - Mexico - USA - Europe

"I have a 9 year old daughter with a form of Aspergers that makes every aspect of school traumatic for her. I've always been looking for natural alternatives that could assist her. I did Melanies Bars class, and proceeded to run my daughters Bars for 20 minutes once a week. Over a short period of 1-2 months everyone in the family noticed significant changes with her, including all her teachers. No longer do we have tears and tantrums about attending school, anxiety about every test, she is making more friends easily, and has suddenly developed a sense of humour. I changed nothing else, it is the Access Bars that has had this dynamic change in my daughters life. I am so grateful for Access Bars and Melanie doing the Bars classes in Cyprus." RR, UK.

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