Name: Anuja Vyas
Phone: 954-296-8335
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"All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory"

Hi there! I am Anuja. If you ask me about Access Consciousness I would say 'I love Access' or being more precise, 'I live Access'. I was introduced to this amazing tool by my dearest sister in India where I took my first Access Bars Class and also got my Bars run. Guess what? from that day I started to change and I am still changing :) How does it get any better than this? There were few things in my life that I thought I would never be able to change and they started changing. I still can't believe how magical Access is, specially for me. What I love the most about Access is the magic of changing anything and everything we want!! YES, its so true and Access Bars is the first step towards that change. What else is possible?

Talking more about myself, I am a healer and I use powerful healing technique called 'Quantum Core 2 point healing method'. As I mentioned earlier I have done Access Bars class and I have also done online Course 'Money - Change How You Function With Money' by Dr. Dain Heer. I am so grateful to Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas for gifting us such an amazing life changing magical tools!!! How did we get so lucky?

My dear friends, since you are on this website I am sure you are looking for some change in your life and let me tell you that you are on the right path. Just get one session of Bars and experience the magic of change by yourself...

To get your Access Bars session feel free to contact me and I would love to contribute to the change you are looking for in your life!!

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