Name: Lisa Fernandez
Phone: 07976665786
Address: To Infinity and Beyond!!
United Kingdom
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Ever since I was a child I have been able to read other people's energy!

Which has enabled me to gain a deeper awareness of what was going on for the other person (even if they looked ok on the surface)

I could perceive what I now know as energy blocks in their bodies, which were usually asking for some sort of assistance in shifting this energy. Growing up I never understood my ability so I ended up burying my gifts all throughout my Life in order to fit in!! Like none of us don't do that, right?

And as a result of not fully embracing myself and my gifts, I went on to create some CRAZY stuff in my Life. We are ALL born Creators, so just look at what you're creating in your Life right now. Is it something you truly desire?

For me, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, self hate/abuse, drugs & alcohol abuse, panic attacks, domestic violent relationships, homelessness, debt and attempted suicide were all just a normal way of life for me.

In 2009 my world was turned upside down by Life changing events when my mother passed away, I declared myself bankrupt and ended my 10 year Relationship all within a few months of each other.

I completely lost my sense of self and everything I once had, and Life was never the same for me. After the chaos I started to see Life from a very different perspective.
It was from this place that I started opening up my once very limited world, and made the choice to embark on a new Life with wonder and possibilities.

Over the past 5 years I've created ALOT of change through NLP, Hypnosis, Shamanism, Reiki, Personal Training/ Nutrition and Relationship coaching, which are great tools I occasionally use along side ACCESS in my Personal life and in my Coaching/Facilitating Business too.

Before Access Consciousness I used to think there was something seriously wrong with me as I could see that I still replaying the cycle of my childhood trauma. I was recreating my future through my past. The subconscious mind is SO Powerful and will keep recreating based on the stuck energy that is coming up.

So for me, It was a constant repeat of the same old patterns of behaviour in Relationships, and feeling completely stuck in Groundhog Day.

The tools and processes that I've learnt from ACCESS (and swear by) has helped me to undo all the old points of view that I once had, those pesky limiting beliefs and the "ENERGETIC" conditioning that were keeping me stuck!!
And most of it was conditioning I picked up from others.

This has enabled me to start creating/living a Life the way that works for me, and I absolutely know that it's possible for you to if you should choose it. As it all starts with a choice, and it's choice that creates Awareness in our lives not the other way around.

We are much more Powerful that we think we are, and led to believe.

From using the Tools and Energy/Body processes has made a MASSIVE change to my once very dramatic & traumatic filled Life. And I use these everyday to create change and to live a more conscious Life. And it is always an ongoing process of self awareness.

So as well as being an unlimited BEING who facilitates change at an 'energetic' level, I am also a qualified coach and Qualified Bars Facilitator which enables me to:-

* Run your BARS session
* Teach BARS so that you can run sessions on others or help you on your own Bars Facilitating journey.
* Hold G&R (gift and receive sessions)
* Talk about BARS (intro)

So if you feel you could do with some help unlocking YOU in these areas especially.

Childhood Trauma, Feeling stuck in the past, Destructive patterns and behaviours, Sexual/Physical/Mental/Emotional Abuse, Struggling with your Identity or Sex & Relationship issues.

I also do the "Body Processes" that support and facilitate with the above issues too, which can go on to create massive change in your Life.

So if you like me have tried EVERYTHING and still feel as if there is something underlying, then it's possible you are still holding onto the ENERGY of the past, other lifetimes and other people's crap that's no longer serving you.

ENERGY is everything, it's WHO we BE. Just see the stuck ENERGY as a built in virus and ACCESS BARS as the process to delete the programs that are keeping you locked in those cycles.

So if after reading the above still has you interested then ask yourself this question:-

Am I the person that can contribute towards the change that you are looking for?

If that makes you feel all light and expansive (which means a yes) then WOOHOO let's get started on your journey of glorified change, just contact me by email so we can arrange a session.

What else is possible, and are YOU willing to BE the change that you've been searching for?

With Ease and so much Gratitude

Lisa X

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