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If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?

When I was a kid I used to fantasize about being an enchanted little girl that could change and transform everything that I wanted to by simply flicking my magic wand.

I never thought magic could be an option in this reality but thanks to Access Consciousness I became aware that it is. Since when I was a child I always felt that there was more to life that was unspoken. I lived a big part of my life judging myself for feeling different from everybody out there, merely because my level of awareness and sensitivity did not fall within the parameters of what is considered acceptable in this reality.

Access Consciousness gave me the opportunity to discover that I was not unaided neither different from anybody else and I could use this awareness to my advantage and also to create healing for people. Be aware of everything that is around you and occupies this universe is the way all beings are designed to be, if we choose it.

What would be like to live a life with total ease? We have all been raised with an enormous amount of limitations, which to a great extent separate our energy to the one of the universe as a whole. This separation grounds in us an innate inability to receive and keep us locked into a box full of judgement, rejections, projections, separations and expectations. As a result, this entrapment does not allow us to live that life we truly would love to experience as infinite beings.

As Dr Dain Heer says:

Other than the spaces of harmony and joy and possibility and the sense of possibility you have and the questions you are willing to ask to create it and the contributions you are willing to be to the world and the choices you can make, that’s really you! You are not any of the solidities you try to create yourself as…

What are the infinite possibilities?

It is truly possible to change the course of our life and create different choices and poles apart opportunities. No matter what you are going through, magic approaches life with questions like: What else is possible? What can I do different? And…

Everything that does not allow that to show up, would you destroy and uncreated it all? Right & wrong, good & bad, POD & POC, all 9 short boys and beyonds.

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