Name: Christina Hicks
Phone: 61 418 526 604
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Hello beautiful people!

Since I was a child I have always been interested in energy and the way we can work with it, and how it can work with us.
As a mother of two grown girls, I have experience watching children grow and the pitfalls and lessons of development along the way.

Learning the methods of Access Consciousness and how to run The BarsŪ completing Foundation class and learning the 3 day body processes, have been wonderful additions to the modalities I use within my practice, and now I have taken the Foundation class and the three day body process class, I am happy to say I am loving this stuff a lot!

Such an exciting journey!
Having the bars run is a relaxing way to spend and hour/hour and a half. And it can and does bring some very deep learnings, insights and changes within the brain/physiology/whole self.

Spending time with the bars, and the clearing statement has most definitely created some amazing changes in my life.
How does it get better than that?

What can you experience?

How much will your life change?

Looking forward to sharing with you,


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