Name: Parminder Soori
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Parminder Soori an extraordinary woman. Her life into energy healing and helping others to overcome trauma began at a young age. Her journey began as a woman that had been through sexual abuse as a child, which lead to a catalyst of abuse of rape, enduring violence and bullying. This is the foundation of her inspiration and all the modalities she now teaches. The modalities have been a gift that transformed her life from having the label of an ‘abused child‘ to an inspirational woman who enables others with tools and techniques to transform their lives.

She has always been inspired to empower people to step up and make the change in their lives that they truly desire to have. Parminder is truly and deeply empowered by KNOWING it is possible to overcome anything YOU choose to overcome.

One of her desires is to be the contribution and gift to each of YOU by inspiring and reaching out to YOU to show YOU that anything is possible when YOU never give up on believing in YOU. A highly intuitive woman who has chosen to utilise her gifts in a way that can create profound and phenomenal change in all areas of YOUR life. Whether it is relationships, money, trauma, health or anything else YOU are struggling or stagnant with. Together WE can move through it and create a life of ease and abundance!

Parminder is inspired by her philosophy of life experiences, which she shares with others on her YouTube channel. Within the channel you will find life changing talks on various topics, which have a profound impact in our daily lives. Her talks are inspired by her desire to awaken others to consciousness and ways to create change in your life. If you are inspired by them, then do subscribe to show your support so together we can be the change we desire in the world.

Extra Credentials:

Parminder's qualifications are listed below:


BACP Member - Qualified Counsellor

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Class Level 1

Crystal Healing Class Level 2


Tarot Card Reading Course

Psychic Development Course - Basic

Psychic Development Course - Advanced


Usui Shiki Ryoho - Certified Level 1 Reiki Practitioner

Usui Shiki Ryoho - Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Usui Shiki Ryoho - Certified Level 3 Reiki Master

Usui Shiki Ryoho - Certified Reiki Teacher


Certified Basic DNA2 Practitioner and Instructor

Certified Advanced DNA2 Practitioner and Instructor

Certified Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner and Instructor

Certified World Relations Practitioner

Certified Game of Life Practitioner

Certified Family Ties Practitioner

Access Consciousness

Certified Bars Practitioner and Facilitator

Certifed Foundation (x2)

How to Become Money Class (x2)

Loss of Dissatisfaction Class

The Original Clearing The Issues of Abuse by Gary Douglas

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