Name: Mary Shields, PhD
Phone: 614-285-7307
Address: 253 South Kellner Road
United States
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Mary Shields, PhD, has been a holistic healing practitioner for more than 14 years, first as a Reiki Master Teacher, and then as an Advanced BodyTalk Practioner and Instructor. Mary brings traits of warmth and joy to her work. She works with clients who have a wide variety of body, mind, emotional, and spiritual concerns.

Mary brings a unique background to her practice, that of education, music, and religion. She received her A.B. from Westminster College in PA, her M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, and her Ph.D. from Emory University. Previously a professor of Hebrew Bible/TaNaK, she combines a love of her academic field with a love of holistic healing, seeing many connections between them.

As Mary was teaching BodyTalk around the country she began hearing about the Bars Access Consciousness classes, which many practitioners were learning about and adding to their practices. Finally a fellow instructor ran a few of her bars, and suggested that she take the class.

Long story short, within 3 months Mary fulfilled all the requirements to become a Bars facilitator, and began to facilitate Bars classes almost immediately. She always encourages her new clients either to get a Bars session or to take a Bars class as soon as possible, because it does so much to jumpstart deeper healing.

As an instructor and facilitator, Mary brings more than 20 years of teaching experience to her classes. Students consistently remark on her clarity of presentation. And one comment she hears regularly is "Mary makes learning fun."

Clients tell her that they experience their appointments as sacred time and space where they can begin/continue their healing process at all levels. The majority of her practice is distance work, including clients who move from her area, who continue to work with her through distance sessions. She writes, "It is a privilege to be able to observe deep shifts in overall health, wellness, and balance in my clients."

She is excited to be able to facilitate Bars Access Consciousness classes because they can truly help people get unstuck, they contribute so greatly to healing, and having one's Bars run can change their life. Open yourself up to new possiblities! Please come join us!

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