Name: Reverie Klein
Phone: 303.523.5521
Address: 2055 S. Oneida, #398
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"Reverie Klein, LMT, CFMW, has been facilitating bodies and energy as a Licensed Massage Therapist since the 20th Century. She has a keen intuitive sense and is a gifted facilitator, guiding others to step out of their "story" and into their own power. Her belief that we all have the answers within us, and that we can heal our own bodies with this knowledge, has led her to incorporate the tools of Access Consciousness into her practice as a massage therapist and energetic healer.
Brilliant, kind, and extremely funny, Reverie adds a lightness to the journey of personal growth and transformation, and is a true gift to this world." - Annie W.

I asked my friend Annie to help me create my profile and, wow, I am grateful!

If you could do anything and not fail, what would you choose? That question blows me away and creates a huge space of possibility each time I hear it. Does asking that question call to you? What can we co-create? I wonder how much ease we could have creating a life greater than you've ever dreamed? What else is truly possible?

I am a Certified Access Consciousness Bars, Body Process, and Facilitator, Massage Therapist in Denver, CO.

Classes Offered:

Body Processes
Money Workbook Class
Clearing Nights

Classes Taken:

The Foundation*
Level 2
Level 3
3-Day Body Process Class

*Multiple Attendances

I schedule new classes all the time! If you don't see a date or location that works for you, please ask when the next class will be or if it's possible to schedule a class in your location.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 24/May/2017 Denver, Colorado Glenyce Hughes  & 
Reverie Klein