Name: Denise Oliver
Phone: 07938 528885
Address: 50 Elizabeth Crescent Queens Park CH4 7AZ
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Hi there

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me.
I invite you to connect with me and then I can get to know you as well.
I live in historic Chester, love my family, taking photos, creating fab food and of course Access Consciousness and The Bars. How does it get any better than this?

I attended my first Bars class in April 2014 with no clear idea what I was doing.
I just knew I had to be there and do it, whatever IT was.
Have you had moments in your life like this?

I can honestly say that that day brought me to so much more of me and faster than anything else I had training in to date. Formerly a nurse, my health issues lead me down many alternative paths e.g. nutritional healing, EFT, Psych K, Reiki. As well as courses that I did I also sought help and advice from many therapists in my quest to improve my health and energy levels. You see in summer 2007 I was bitten by an insect and this unfolded as Lyme's disease and chronic fatigue ensued. My health improved over time, yet nothing I tried elevated my energy levels until Access and the Bars. The improvement for me was dramatic, like a miracle, and family and friends couldn't believe it either .

I now get my Bars run regularly and experience more of a lightness of me and an ease with my being every time. I have a kindness and caring for me now that I didn't have before. How does it get any better than this?

After my first day of Bars training I knew that I would be a facilitator and pursued this completing the Bars facilitator training in September of 2014. Next stage is Certified Facilitator training. Watch this space playmates. What else is possible that I've never even considered before, I wonder?

It has been my pleasure to run the Bars of many people as a practitioner and to facilitate those who choose the Bars training. The cost to you for a Day of Bars training has been set by the Access Consciousness team.
How does it get any better than this?
For your Day 1 of training it costs 240 and repeat days are half that price 120.

It is my aim to spread the word and the experience of Access Bars as far and as wide as I possibly can. I run regular classes here in my corner of paradise, Chester, UK, as well as having a willingness to travel to you where you are.
What would it take for me to be in a city or town near you very soon?

Call me, 07938 528885, and let's chat about changing the consciousness of you, your being and this beautiful planet one Access Bars day at a time. You can also find me on social media in particular Facebook where you can leave me a message.

With ease, joy, sparkles and gratitude for each and everyone of you.
Denise Oliver.

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