Name: Delany Delaney
Phone: +61412421903
Address: 2/4 Avocet Parade
Peregian Beach
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What else is possible?
Are you ready for change?
Do you know there is something more to living and you're searching for a way to get that?
Do you feel like you just don't fit most of the time?

Well if you choose, you have just found a dynamic gateway for change that can bring more happiness, wealth, peace and joy than you can imagine.

My life continues to transform beyond anything I ever dreamed possible!

For most of my life the pain, torture, suffering and drama of living were constant companions.
From the crib I experienced physical, emotional & sexual abuse.
When I left home at 16 I continued to choose a life in that vein of pain for many years, with an addition of drug and alcohol abuse. Wow!

Yet, through all of this, I continued to spread joy, empower people to find their voice, their creativity, build community and champion the rights of people who were marginalised from mainstream society.
It was on the inside I was really tearing myself apart
It was like i could never fully receive the happiness of what i was creating as my life.
Even singing and music, a wonderful gift that I blocked from my life for a very long time and has been a great healer, still had a lot of pain and suffering attached to its creation and performance.
I know that may sound crazy, that was the way it was. Yes thatís correct Ö was.

Now I have more peace, gratitude and joy every day and it just keeps on expanding in every area of my life; relationships, work, money and adventures. I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

I'm happy and i truly like and care about me.
I am also creating my life, living, business in a way that suits me.

And you know what else, I am finding the absolute joy that is in the music, there are no words to describe that gift!

Gary Douglas and Dain Heer I have so much gratitude for the gifts that you give so freely.

How does it get any better than this?

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease Joy and Glory (more and more and more)

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