Name: Michele Stevens
Phone: 0423247585
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So I came across Access Consciousness when I was 25. At that point I had achieved everything in my life I had wanted and thought was important. I worked in the legal industry for 5 years, left it all to travel for 6 months. I came back and lost the juicy of life. Now everyone said to me ‘sucks to be back, you just have the travel blues’ and yes that could’ve been a part to it, however, I was aware that there was no next step for me, I drew a blank as to the next few years of my life - nothing enticed or invited me. I slowly sunk deeper into this whole until I reached a point where I said ‘there has to be more to life than this?’ I cannot go on in this frame of mind.

A friend of mine gave me some very interesting clips to watch which didn’t help the space i was in, however I did take something very important from it. Believing in the possibility that anything is possible, this rang in my head over and over again and I started reading books and looking at all things out of this world on the internet – all these things had always been there however I just never really looked at it. A few weeks later my friend told me about this ‘thing’ you do where you wake up in the morning and you feel amazing. Whatever that was I wanted it and I wanted it right now so not long after that I attended my first class and my whole life as I knew it changed.

A few ways Access has changed my life has first been my health and depression, having sever period pain each month that ended by me being bed ridden, my varicose veins circulation has increased and lung capacity. Secondly, what I wanted to create in the world.

So, are you a seeker? Are the things in your life not showing up the way you know is possible? Has everyone already told you its not possible?

Well, I’m here to tell you everything is possible (YES) it really is! Would you like to come and play in a different world? On with no limitation on ANYTHING, does that sound like fun to you?

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