Name: Sarah Heeley
Phone: 207-651-2849
Address: New England
South Portland
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The exterior of my life may not look any different, yet, but everything has changed for me. How I function and view the world has shifted in such a dynamic way that I am blown away! When I found the tools of Access Conscoiuness it was like finally hearing what Iíve always known but never having the words or the tools. I have always felt like I donít fit in, that I donít belong and that must mean there is something wrong with me! Finding Access was the first time I can remember when I havenít felt wrong and that there are people out there like me who get it! My whole body relaxed!

I have been seeking for as long as I can remember. At the age of 18 I was told that I had clinical depression & generalized anxiety disorder at that I would have to be medicated for the rest of my life! So for the last 20 years Iíve lived in fear of when a bout of depression would hit. Iíve been in therapy telling the same story over and over trying desperately to be set free from all of this. I was searching for something that no longer made me feel wrong for everything that I have ever done, chosen or thought. I had this overall sense of wrongness of me that permeated my entire life, that paralyzed me from actually being able to choose anything. No matter what I chose, it must be wrong and I must be doing it wrong. I thought, Why does life seem so easy for everyone around me and so hard for me? I didnít get it! I did everything I possibly could to change it. To FIX me. I tried everything from chiropractic, supplements, diets, no sugar, gluten or dairy, nutritionists, acupuncture, meditations, energy work, physics, homeopathic remedies, and yoga to reading every self help book on the planet yet nothing shifted. I might get some relief for a short period of time but nothing worked to change the wrongness of me.

After reading "Being You, Changing the World, by Dr. Dain Heer (co-founder of Access Consciousness) espeically the question of, "What if I wasnít wrong?Ē blew my world wide open! There was a lightness in me as I read his words and my world started to shift & open in a way it never had ever! There was this allowance of me and everything Iíve ever chosen. I knew Iíd never be on medication again and that I wasnít actually depressed I was just really AWARE! I have now been using and playing with the tools of Access Consciousness for about a year now. The internal transformation and the difference in how I function blows me away daily! Itís truly a fantastic gift!

The gratitude I have for these tools is beyond words. My gift to you & the world is to share these tools and be the contribution I always knew I was but never acknowledged. I host Access Bars classes in the Portland & Southern Maine area.

What contribution can I be to creating more consciousness on the planet? How does it get any better than this!? I would love to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you and sharing the tools that have literally transformed my life!

With gratitude,
Sarah Heeley

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