Name: Lauren Stegenga
Address: NWI
Indiana, Illinois
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Lauren resides in NWI with her husband and 2 young children where she enjoys connecting with her community, playing in nature especially on the shorelines of Lake Michigan, and always tapping into her children's curiosity of life.

She's an Access Bars® Facilitator whose mission is to Create with, Connect with, and Empower our Village. She would love to see how we all could change this reality of how we treat ourselves and encourage people to be open to something different to create more ease. Knowing there's a different possibility in creating a better life, she would love to share her passion of Access Bars® with you.

Access Bars® has benefited many with,
– Relieving Anxiety, Depression, and Grief
– Inner Peace and Calmness
– Better sleep
– Feel more Productive and Energized
– Focus/Clarity (ADD/ADHD)
– Reducing/Eliminating Body aches and pains
– Relief during medical treatments
– Pregnancy (before, during, and after)

Whatever your story is, wherever you came from or are going - What would it take to feel empowered to create the life you've always known is possible?

If there are areas in your life that just seem like you have not been able to change, having a session of Access Bars® may be for you.

She invites you to contact her if you are curious and would like more information, would like to receive an Access Bars® session, and also if you would like to attend a class to learn this extraordinary modality.


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