Name: Solei K Larkson
Phone: 720-260-7190
Denver, Portland,Vancouver,London, Cork
USA,UK, Australia,
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Solei K Larkson is a rare commodity in the world – an internationally recognised dynamic healer with the added ability to create thriving prosperous entrepreneurial ventures very quickly. Unlike many talented ‘healers’ who suffer from poverty consciousness, for the sake of gifting their talents with the world, Solei has a unique ability to transform businesses into ISO 9000 quality standard grade. She leveraged her business background and applied this specialisation to create healing practices and coaching businesses boasting 6 - 7 figure incomes effortlessly and joyfully within miraculously short spaces of time.

She began her professional life as many do, with a strong work ethic and a great willingness to succeed and achieve. Solei graduated Valedictorian (first in her class) from Kenton Ridge High School and Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor's of Science in Accounting from Wright State University. She then began her career with Arthur Anderson and quickly advanced through numerous promotions with several different corporations living the ‘American Dream’ whilst constantly looking for that missing something.

In 1997, in a leap of faith – guided by an inner knowing that there must be more to life than Corporate America, she left her successful accounting and consulting practice and opened a full time Health & Well-being Centre where she offered a wide range of modalities and created a thriving practice which touched the lives of over 85,000 people since its inception. Solei’s mission since leaving the comforts and confines of her former corporate life was: to uplift and empower as many people as fast as possible and to create a real difference in the world.

In the spirit of her mission statement, Solei took an active role in coordinating the Leaders for a Conscious World Conference in Denver, Colorado where she was also one of three speakers. She also added the title Access Consciousness Facilitator in 2010 which added an amazing set of tools and processes to her skill set. Since then she has introduced these tools to over 4500 people who have had their lives transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary. She has also made multiple appearances on ‘Mystical Insights’ cable television show. She is being requested to speak on Radio and gives regular press releases to the newspaper.

Solei now finds her life expanding so fast into conscious awareness and life delivering ease and joy beyond what she could ever have dreamed possible. She keeps asking “ How does it get any better than this?” and the universe keeps showing her! What else is possible that is better than anything I could have ever imagined or planned?

Do you require a master change agent for your personal and/or corporate environment? What would it take to have this change agent in your city, your country, your company to facilitate more change than you can even imagine or plan?

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