Name: Traci Fraley, Ph.D.
Cincinnati, Wooster
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Are you ready for your life to change? How much? Are you sure?

Change is usually scary, even when we know it is for the better.

I am a holistic psychologist and wellness coach and have been involved with psychotherapy for 20 years. In the past several years I have been adding holistic practices to what I offer to clients and now I can't imaging practicing any other way. Even when I use some of the more traditional techniques I believe that people move forward in their life much faster when I incorporate BarsŪ into their work.

I'm not sure if I would have bought into the idea of The BarsŪ if I hadn't experienced it first- hand. I was exposed to Access ConsciousnessŪ and The BarsŪ several years ago by a friend who is also a psychologist. She was visiting for a couple of weeks and said, "Hey, I have this weirdo-thing I've been doing and I think you'll like it. Let me try it on you." She ran my BarsŪ about six times during the visit. I felt amazing, better than I had in years. Each day on my way home from work I felt in a hurry to get home and have my BarsŪ run again; I wanted more and more of this amazing feeling. I felt like my body was humming with energy and good feelings. When it was time for her to leave, she encouraged me to get trained. The very next weekend found me in a training and I now run BarsŪ for people whenever I can, professionally and in my personal life. I get my BarsŪ run when I can, but I can never get enough.
I loved running BarsŪ for active military service members when I worked in Germany. Although I am now back in the U.S. for a bit, I still love working with these folks and want to get the word out to them about this fabulous experience.

One of the concepts of Access ConsciousnessŪ that I am especially drawn to is the principle of letting go of judgment. I have followed this idea through other practices, mindfulness, yoga, cognitive therapy, etc, but somehow the style of Access ConsciousnessŪ in dealing with this concept resonates more with me than the others. I believe that so much of what makes us unhappy is affected by judging ourselves and others. If we let go of even a little bit of judgment, life begins to feel different very quickly. I think that getting your BarsŪ runs helps facilitate or speed up this process.

I have heard people say they watched the videos about BarsŪ and find it difficult to believe that anything could be that good. I always say, "Don't knock it 'til you try it". What are you afraid of?

How much fun would you like to have?

Come have your BarsŪ run.

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