Name: Jenny Frithiof
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My desire for more keeps me expanding and adding new experiences to all aspects of my life – and I adore it!

Growing up my imagination was vast and full of life. The world that I visited in my daydreams were sometimes even more real than the physical world I lived in.
It was vibrant, colourful and full of amazing landscapes, buildings and creatures. I napped with squirrels in our hammock and I played with the fairies in the garden. The world was my oyster.

When I was 6 years old we moved to a bigger town and there were a lot more people around. The energies were a bit overwhelming and others thought, feelings and emotions very loud in my universe.
With all the new information that I was tapping into from everything around me I was very busy doing all I could for everyone to have joy and ease in their lives.
If I would have know about the amazing Access questions like “Who does this belong to” and “Interesting point of view – they have that point of view” - back then - my childhood would had looked very different!

After having my immune system knocked on its head by antibiotics in my early twenties I started developing allergies and sensitivities to foods and chemicals like washing detergents and body lotions.
None of it made sense to me. Sometime just walking into the kitchen when someone was cutting a tomato was enough for my lips to blister up.

In my mid twenties I was told that I have Celiac Disease – an auto immune disease where removing the intake of gluten is pretty much the only medicine. Fun and games.
My first trip to the grocery store after the diagnose I totally broke down in the bread sections – sobbing - and cradling a giant watermelon.
I quickly realised that finding a different way to heal and to communicate with my body would be required if I wanted to create a different future for myself. And so the adventure to greater consciousness began

Today - after having played with multiple healing modalities and ideas - I am growing my own tomatoes that I tuck into with much delight. I am also happily putting chillies in my food and wear clothes that have been washed in a machine with detergent.
I have a demanding day job in media that I balance with a holistic view of my health, my life and my relationships.

The tools of Access Consciousness have not only allowed for a deeper communion with my body, it has also given me the well needed kick in butt to choose and create more for myself and in my life.
Simple, innocent questions like “How does it get any better than this” and “What else is possible” is far more potent then I could have never imagined.
When you stay curious in the question – anything is possible!

I am currently based in London, UK and I am happy to travel if a class is asking to be created somewhere else in the world – The languages I facilitate in are Energy, English and Swedish
These are the classes that I play and create with
Body processes
Energetic Facelift
Right Body for you taster classes
Talk To The Entities Intro classes

I am also totally up for hosting class PODs and Gift and Receive events

Can’t wait to see you!

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