Name: Rose Carruthers
Phone: 0433 788 027
Western Australia
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Hi there - Rose here :) A little bit about me....

As a child, I learnt pretty early that I do not fit in here! My view of the world was so far from where everyone was functioning that I thought there was something wrong with me and decided to shut me down. I developed a strategy of being what I thought people wanted me to be, which of course was never me! Oh yeah and it didn't stop me picking up everyone's thoughts, feelings and emotions all the time and thinking they belonged to me.

My resistance to acknowledging everything that I was aware of and my absolute dedication to not being me only made life progressively more miserable as a teenager. I rebelled and tried to pretend not to care about anything, including my own life.

As it turned out though, no matter how hard I tried, I could not stop the seeker in me from knowing there had to be a different way. Even depression was too hard to uphold for long, as my innate ability to be joyful kicked back in and I realised that ‘depression’ just isn’t me! Through my 20's, I actively searched for any material that could help me shift the stuff that was holding me back and to find anyone that was truly willing to help me in an empowering way to develop the capacities I have that I was unsuccessfully shutting down.

This search invited many teachers and beautiful people into my life who shared exactly what I could hear at the time to allow me to choose more expansion of my universe, including one fabulous ‘Embodiment’ book written by Dr Dain Heer. And that was my introduction to Access Consciousness. Access is everything I have known all my life and never acknowledged! I don't fit into this reality and now I realise that this is a gift. I have way more to contribute by being totally me and creating and generating my own playground! This is so much FUN!!!!

I started my own Bars Business in late 2009. It has absolutely blown me away how much magic is generated in every session. And oh boy those capacities have switched back on and further developed in ways I didn't even imagine before. Capacities such as: hearing the words people don't say; perceiving different energies that are keeping people stuck and putting words to them; receiving information as visuals or messages; having a knack of saying just the thing someone required to hear in that moment; finding it really easy to be joyful, even when no-one else is choosing that; a crazy ability to laugh and inject humour into people’s worlds just for the fun of it; a genuinely caring, non-judgmental way of being with people. And what else is possible? What are the possibilities I can be a contribution to you?

My target is to facilitate as many people as possible to functioning from infinite choice and awareness, the fun of living and the joy of being who you truly are without judgment. Have you ever felt shut down? What are the possibilities of creating a world where we are all allowed and encouraged to be infinitely expansive from birth? Would you like to come play and be the you that creates this as a reality?

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