Name: Cory Michelle
Phone: +1.619.839.9830
Address: -Global Change Maker based in Southern California -Creator of Crazy Possible™ Living, Crazy Possible™ Experiment, and Unicorn CEO -Certified Facilitator, Coach, and Chief Unicorn Whisperer
San Diego
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January 2010 I declared I was taking a year off from personal and spiritual growth classes, seminars, workshops etc. I had done it all, my life was amazing, I had so many tools to tap into to create my life by design. At that time I felt like I had studied more than most people out there, I knew more however I know more was possible. I knew there were missing pieces to the teachings I had learned. How did I know? Because I wasn't able to create anything in any moment.

I knew it was possible, but I couldn't do it.

A few months after the declaration, 5 people shared Access Consciousness with me. It didn't even hit my awareness until the 5th person that I should check it out. So after the 5th person, I figured the Universe was talking to me.

I had a private session with Bars and an hour of clearings. The next week, my relationship with my mom healed, you know the one that was plaguing us for 20 years.

Soon after I attend the Bars class, started attending the weekly exchanges and noticed that my life was different. I was experiencing less stress, more possibility and that whole Ask and You Shall Receive Law, well, it was finally working.

I had seen so many shifts in my life and Access Consciousness principals simply rang true for me, I jumped into the next Foundation & Level 1 class. In that class, I knew I had found what I was looking for, my missing pieces.

Being someone who has been a seeker as well as an entrepreneur, for the first time I finally felt like I had found the missing piece to the puzzle I was searching for 12 years for. The key to magic.

I have someone run my bars weekly. Why? I feel more centered, clear headed, less stress, more joy, it's easier to create, I work less, things are easier in life and I seem to make more money when I receive Bars. How does it get better than that?!

As a business owner and leader in Southern California, I facilitate conscious business mindset, am a Business Success Coach and bring these principals into my work.

I love helping people tap into more of who they are, have even more potent and magical lives and see how brilliant they truly can be.

Would you like to know more? Please visit me online:
The Crazy Possible Experiment

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Cory Michelle, CFMW

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