Name: Kalinka Poullain-Jacobs
Phone: 00447956175989
Address: 10 bigwood road
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Celebrate with me the ease, joy and freedom to change!

Ready to rock your world with ease, joy and glory? I am here for you!

Freedom, Joy and Change are my 3 passions. The freedom and joy to know, receive, perceive and be who we truly be. And the understanding and tools to change whatever we desire to transform.

Following these passions for over 25 years has led me to explore a diversity of modalities (from shamanism, to yoga, to martial arts, to vibrations and sound, to energy work and more). It has also inspired me to create a Culture Change company specialised in mindset and behavioural change in large groups (10,000+) for leading organisations across the world. I am currently designing a training programme called "Change Leaders" designed to enable anyone who wants to generate positive and effective change, wherever they are. I am also focusing on creating a Mega Women Conference as I believe as the Dalaï Lama that it is "the western women who will change the World.". The working title of this conference is "RISE WOMAN, RISE! How to awaken, honour and cultivate the solar woman within us all and change the World". It is also the title of the book I am currently writing.

I absolute love Access Consciousness which is the only body of work I have yet encountered that includes everything I have explored so far. I am deeply grateful to the founders Gary Douglass and Dain Heer who have made this accessible to so many. I have absolutely enjoyed translating Dain's book "Being you, changing the world" in French with the beautiful and fabulous Véronique Benitah and Meena Goll.
If you want more freedom or/and more joy in your world, I'm delighted to support you in your journey through one to one facilitation (Bars, S.O.P, body processes, E.S.B, verbal processing) or the BARS and FOUNDATION training programmes.

I offer all this in English and French, my mother tongue.
I'm based in North London and I'm totally happy to travel.

I am joyfully married and have two delicious children: Keera and Zac, my beautiful 10 years old miracle twins whom I had after being told by doctors I would never be able to be pregnant...

Looking forward to meet you!

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