Name: Jayne Higgins
Phone: 09 945 4963 or 021 303340
Address: 69 Bank St
New Zealand
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Hello, thank you for checking in on my page and for choosing something different.

In 2013 I went along to a talk about Access ConsciousnessŪ I liked what I heard as it was very much inline with how I worked and what I believed. As a massage therapist I felt that Access tools would be great to add to my tool box. This talk led me on to do my first BarsŪ class and I have never looked back.

Since doing my first Bars class and using the tools so much has change in my life. I always felt my life was pretty good. Since doing Access it just keeps getting better life is more ease, peaceful, calmer and I am so much more aware of new possibilities that show up for me. I am in total gratitude for everything that Access Consciousness has taught me. These tools are really life changing.

I do a lot of 1 on 1 sessions and love seeing the changes we can create. So much is available if you are ready to choose it. Are you ready to choose the life you so deserve? Are you ready to have more Ease in your life?

I also never thought I would ever teach anything! Now I teach The Bars and just love it. It is so wonderful to see people who are ready to truly create change for themselves and for their friends and family around them.

My invitation to you is to come and join me on this journey of discovery. What energy, space and consciousness could we create together? Come and see what else is possible? 

As a BarsŪ facilitator I am delighted to offer individual Bars sessions, Bars classes and Bar swaps.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to have a session or come to a Bars class.

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