Name: Charmaine Iversen
Phone: 0407779303
Address: 15 Huxtable Terrace
Western Australia
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Hi there and welcome,

Having your 'Bars' run and using Access tools and techniques opens up the space for you to be more of you. There are 32 points on the head called 'Bars' which, when gently touched, allows energy to flow through these bars which releases the electrical charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions, limitations, behavioural patterns, belief systems and points of view that you have stored throughout your lifetime.

As soon as I started using the Access Bars and Access Tools on my clients they started experiencing huge shifts and changes in their lives. Some results that have been achieved after just one session are:-

Lifelong Headaches - Gone!
Poor sleep - No longer an issue.
Neck pain - Gone!
Anxiety - Gone!
Depression - huge improvement.
More happiness and joy in general.
Increased work performance.
Clarity and less head chatter.

Having your "Bars' run facilitates the clearing of limitations that you may have about different areas of your life such as money, control, power, ageing, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, healing, awareness, creativity and more. Your actually start to become more present in your life and move out of living through your past experiences.

I facilitate Access Bars classes for those who would like to learn this amazing process for themselves and become a "Bars" Practitioner, and Access Bars sessions for those who would like to experience this relaxing and nurturing process and start unlocking your limitations.

How much of your life do you spend DOING rather than RECEIVING?
What if you could start having way more joy and ease in your life?
What else is possible?

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 8/Apr/2017 Baldivis, WA Charmaine Iversen