Name: Becky Vannes
Phone: 727-366-8010
United States
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Becky came across Access Consciousness in 2011. Access offers so many free tools and videos she was able to start playing with the tools right away, and that is when she noticed things started changing in her world instantly. Her family started to change from her using the tools and everything and everyone else in her life seemed to be expanding as well! She decided no matter what the cost she was taking the classes and made a demand of herself and the Universe “I’m doing this!…No Matter What!”

After taking her first Bars class she never intended to be a Bars facilitator, but with that first class the space that was created in her world made her ravenous for more! Now a Bars facilitator she is excited to share the experience and the journey with everyone else that is seeking more "Easy, Joy and Glory ®!"

About Becky:
Wife of 21 years, mother of three, Becky Vannes is an entrepreneur and founder of three companies: MBV Pro Marketing (consumer insight and social media advertising, new product development), Gulf Coast Research (medical and clinical trials). She asks questions for a living and gets paid for it! She has a realtor license, is an award winning figure competitor, is a personal and business empowerment mentor, is an outdoor adventure enthusiast and is on a TV Outdoor Show, “Open Season Tv” show since 2011. Becky believes this life all became possible with asking questions and finding Access Consciousness.

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