Name: Vanessa Gibson
Phone: (949) 735-0437
San Clemente
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What if there were an easy way to let go of all of the thought feelings and emotions that keep you stuck in your head without any effort?

Consider this your invitation to learn the Bars-
A process that effortlessly and easily releases the electromagnetic charge of what holds the
thoughts feelings and emotions in your body.

Access Bars has helped 10's of 1,000s of people change many aspects of their life

Are you ready for a brain reset?

Join me and many others who know that there is more possible and are ready to chose to live the life they dream and desire!

I am Vanessa Gibson, Certified Access Bars Facilitator from San Clemente, CA.
The Bars have improved and changed my life in so many ways!
I experienced postpartum depression after my first child and had my bars run about 3 months after his birth. I had been living in a deep fog when I had my bars run for the first time; and within that hour bars session, the fog had lifted, never to return!!!
How does it get easier and better than that?!!

I've since then become a Facilitator so I can share Access Bars and the tools with others and offer a different possibility! I am so grateful you've taken the time to read my profile and allowed me the opportunity for our journeys to come together! I look forward to meeting you in person at one of my Classes or for a private session soon!

Please contact me with any questions or curiosities and visit my upcoming classes to see if they would be a contribution to you!

In Joy,
Vanessa Gibson
Cert. Access Bars Facilitator

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 26/Mar/2017 San Clemente, California Vanessa Gibson