Name: Demi Tolikas
Phone: +61408560502
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Demi Tolikas, Holistic Health and Healing Consultant.

For over 25 years Demi has been immersed in the Holistic Therapies Field and searched worldwide for modalities that can uncover the core reasons for dis-ease in the body. She discovered that through detoxing, emotional release, the use of herbs, supplements and food as medicine and much more, the body would activate its own natural healing power.
Today she uses her naturopathic and energetic healing tools to facilitates people to tap into and recognise their own healing abilities and knowing.
Demiís initial private sessions begin with offering a unique process called, Access Consciousness Bars and Access Body. From there, depending on the client and their individual needs, Demi will reach into her repertoire of tools and awareness to help facilitate change. Demi will always check her choices with the client via muscle testing.
Her main purpose is to help people improve their lives by being who they Truly are, without judgement of self or anyone else.
She loves working with people who are ready for the opportunity to improve their lives and bring back the joy of living and who are ready to experience many profound changes to the body, mind and spirit.
Unlike other practitioners that rely heavily on external supplementation or complicated drawn out processes, Demi trusts that your body knows what it needs to do (with some support) to heal itself and her service helps to unlock this inner knowing.
Demi facilitates group classes in:
- Access Bars
-Access Body and
- 90 Day Body Detoxification and Rejuvenation
Demi's keen interest and success lies in helping people to manage stress, anxiety, depression and many other emotional imbalances.
She is a trained Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Yuen Master, Emotion Code & Body Code Facilitator, Massage therapist, Reiki Master, Access Bars and Body Facilitator. She also has 12 years experience as a secondary school teacher the benefits of which is the resilience and courage required to seek out the unknown, the unconventional and the non-traditional holistic therapies that feed the spirit and heal the soul.

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