Name: Sarah Watt CFMW
Phone: 0419192524
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What if life was meant to be fun?! Are you having any?

Sarah Watt BF, CF, CFMW
Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator
Tech Team Support and Class Logistics, BF Support Team, CF Support Team
Simone Milasas & Access Consciousness

Sarah was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness® over 6 years ago through her brother and it didn't take long for her to realise this was something that was going to CHANGE her LIFE!

After working with animals for over 12 years Sarah decided to use the varied and amazing tools of Access to bring more fun, lightness and less judgment to the world in any way she could.

Are you interested in more ease with your body and movement, less judgment with food and self image or do you desire more communion with your pets and the earths animals?

Sarah is a Bars Facilitator a Certified Facilitator and is well on her way to being a Being You Certified Facilitator too...and what else is possible now?!

In chaos lies opportunity.

Is now the time?

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