Name: Michelle Peckham
Phone: 801-638-3882
Address: P.O. Box 1071
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What inspires you? What's your dream? What makes you feel alive?

Two years ago I didn't feel alive at all. I'd been living someone else's dream and I definitely wasn't inspired. In November of 2014 I got beat up by my boyfriend. I felt like I was dead inside. My body was totally shut down. There was absolutely no joy in my world whatsoever. I didn't know it consciously at the time, but I was asking...quite desperately...for something to change. I was in therapy. I was reading books like "Radical Forgiveness." Nothing was working and nothing was helping. Then I had a happy "accident." I ran into two ladies who introduced me to Access Consciousness Bars. Because I was willing to lay on a table and have my Bars run, I got my life back. I got me back. I got up off that table after just one Bars session and I felt happy again. I felt like I did when I was three years old. I felt like playing. I felt like dancing. I felt like singing. I felt relief. I thought..."wow! if one hour of someone putting their hands on my head changes this much, I have to learn more about this and teach it to other people!"

Are you willing to have more of you? Are you willing to receive all the good, awesome, juicy possibilities the Universe has to offer you?

What would it take for you to live the amazing, phenomenal, joyful life you are really meant to live?

How may I serve you in bringing your dreams to life?

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