Name: Gwenn Frin
Phone: +353 86 8252746
Address: Ballycotton
Co. CLare
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Hello, I am Gwenn.

I’m originally from Brittany, France.

I fell in love with the wooden concert flute at a young age, which lead me to move to Ireland in 1998 where I have been residing since.

What set out to be a musical journey of a few months at first, has become my life journey full of twists and experiences.

I have been living in Co. Clare since 2004.

Despite having quite a good life, I spent many years trying to “be happy”, seeking for something greater … I indulged in outdoor sports, triathlons which would get me the instant “feel good” boost, I started practicing yoga and meditation, then turned to aikido and free dancing.
Eventually I became a personal trainer and a running technique specialist coach.
I read tens of self-help books, while constantly educating myself about nutrition and experimenting with various diets.
Meanwhile I discovered the power of energy works through sessions of sound healing and training as a HeartIQ® facilitator. These modalities started to unlock whatever pain and unease I seemed to carry.
In March 2014, I came across Access Consciousness® and took my first Bars® class.
This blew my world apart. After two sessions of Bars®, my reality, the world around me was subtly and yet incredibly different. The heaviness that used to surround me seemed to have lifted. I felt light, more connected and the world was definitely a brighter place.
I started to incorporate the tools of Access Consciousness® in my day-to-day life and carried on with my training in this modality.
Today I’m an Access Bars® facilitator.

I love to be alive, to play everywhere and anywhere.... I grew up as the weirdo, I grew up hearing "but for you it's different!", never comprehending what was going on, why people couldn't do or get what I was doing, why I came accross as bragging or telling lies, I didn't get the dramas that were going on between everyone in friendship, families, politics ....
I grew to eventually make myself wrong and shut my creation and enthusiasm for anything new .... ..
I now realise that I am me and that I have so much to share to the world just from my awarenesses ....
If you desire something new or different, about your body, about relationships, about your point of view of the world, about fitness, food, nutrition, movement, anything at all ... I just love empowering people to realise that they already know, that there is a different possibility out there... and life can be elegant and smiles ... so so many possibilities out there!
My motto used to be "Dare to be!" ... and as I'm writing this, I believe it still stands to its truth!

Looking forward to meeting you :-)

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