Name: Aurora Walks Gently, M.A., B.F.
Phone: (434) 299-2371
Address: Bangor, ME and
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Access has enabled me to make substantial change which I have spent the last 20 years working toward...and even more. My previous efforts entailed envisioning what I desire and slogging through what I didn't (with rare moments of grace providing major shifts). Access, however, actually provides the tools to POOF! what no longer serves me. Sometimes immediately, sometimes with some repetition and WOW. How does it get any better than this?

After 2 years using the tools of Access and having my Bars run regularly, I returned home to Maine for Thanksgiving. For the first time, I didn't feel the need to use Bach's Rescue Remedy (a flower essence for releasing trauma) at all. I didn't even carry it with me. The chip on my shoulder I developed from all I experienced growing up and being perceived as being different (like that's a bad thing??) iwas virtually gone! I could be present to my Mom and my brothers in ways I hadn't ever. I could all them to be as they were, and me to be as I am. I even facilitated healing for my oldest brother every day I was there (the first time he ever let me work on him).

This has been a major gift of Access, easing my relationships with myself and others. I am so grateful!

I've always found joy in sharing what works for me, to the extent that I completed an Masters degree to .A. in I

so it's only natural that I became a Bars Facilitator and continue my training toward more. It's wonderful to find tools that work combined with a philosophy that resonates. I love that we offer kids free training with a parent in many classes...way to change the world even faster!

I look forward to being in the question with you and "Empowering you to know that you know."

Blessings and thanks for all you bring to our world,

Afton, VA and Bangor, ME

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